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Ayu nude photo circulating ting ting

In this latest photo looks like Ayu  Ting Ting without wearing clothes.It seems that not just this time, the inhabitants of the virtual world shocked by the figure of an Indonesian artist who appeared naked or behave scene. Like the photographs of the breasts she squeezed Mirzani Mini Dice, Sheila Marcia sexy photos, or naked pictures Kirana Larasati. Recently we digemparkan by Ayu Ting Ting circulation of photographs that appear naked without clothes.
But according to my observations, photographs of Ting Ting Ayu once seemed full of the outstanding engineering. Judging from some of the scenes photos as well as some parts of the body Ayu Ting Ting is not proportionate to believe. Quite a lot of photos circulating Ayu Ting Ting naked, sexy or plainclothes, and even more hebohnya there are also photos of scenes Ayu Ting Ting profanity with an albino. hmmmm, .. herann also with what is there to mind the hands of the wicked!
My own view nude photos Ayu Ting Ting is this wealth of original photographs emang palsy sotosop alias and not a personal collection of photographs syurnya Ayu Ting Ting. Ting ting beautiful naked body full of charm with the look was very secret. Talk about beautiful naked same ting ting lead the mind on the issue of false addresses, which the song is very popular in Indonesia. Ayu ting ting nude also have the intent that he did not wear clothes, but there really has been pretty ting ting nude photo circulating in cyberspace? The reader should understand that ayu ting ting so far not made ​​nude photos on the internet, if there are those who spread the ting ting pretty bare, precisely be exposed to anti-pornography laws.

Well, that's some information about Bugil Ayu Ting Ting who edits Sotosop Created by people who are not responsible Latest Information Portal. Hopefully this information useful for you who still need references gossip artist today. Bugil Ayu Ting Ting Without Sensor 2012

MLM Business Revolution

MLM Business Revolution

Internet has really revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives, including in the MLM business. With the presence of the Internet is getting easier for players to develop bisni MLM business to the whole world with a very easy way and just sit in front of the laptop's pet.

So this time we will discuss a bit about how to build a MLM business on the Internet. It's important to be learned by all business network if you want to continue being a leader of national and international dimarket.
How To Run Online MLM Business

Develop a Network Marketing business on the Internet began to build a contact list or a list of names. Yes .. any person who is the MLM distributor should have a list of names to build their networks. Because their income depends also on the list of names.

Develop methods of MLM Business Online

There are many different methods to generate internet a list of names for your MLM business. Obviously you have to have a website to promote company products and your MLM business. This website and be connected with the company's website so that if a visitor wants to join they can be directly processed.

Network Marketing website traffic web visitors are also needed. This is done by registering your MLM business website to all search engines like Google, Yahoo and others so that visitors can find you when your MLM business website using keywords in search engines.

There are many other methods are used to direct traffic prospects to your website promotion. Several other methods for example: using the email newsletter, article marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) and others.

This method is only slightly from some of the most popular methods are used to direct traffic to your MLM business website, and then convert prospects into your MLM business distributor. Almost all network marketers use a combination of several methods.

Method is the technique of building a newsletter list of names that are critical to the successful network marketers. Process that continues to send updates and customer feedback in a newsletter, which in turn encourages customers to participate in this program.

After the prospect of becoming an independent distributor, you are free to provide any information about the new business. To be sure this new distributor you need to teach about the product, the Marketing Plan (in detail) and teach them to begin to become independent and build their own downline so that they can become effective network marketers, too.

The essence of the MLM business is duplication, how to duplicate the method proved successful in developing a network to all of your downline.

Everyone in business networks try to attract others to join. The success of a network marketer is when he can share success, share your experiences with other people or their downline. A Network Marketer never feel alone, because they are in support of the Sponsor, Support System and their company.

In subsequent articles we will discuss Hopefully how to build a list of names of people who "thirst" to be sponsored by you, create a mlm business blog, bring traffic to your blog, etc..

Hail Success ....

Indonesia famous artist ... ayu ting ting

 Artist who is currently very popular in Indonesia?? .. Dangdut singer who else if not ayu ting ting, Ting Ting Ayu's career is shining. Therefore no wonder if the singer must be willing to address this false move from stage to stage to meet the longing fans. As a result, many moments that he was forced to miss, including moments with her kekasih.beberapa as on the last day of the event rather valentine valentine concert at RCTI "Yaelah ... There is a Valentine concert at RCTI okay. Today I wanted to love going out," he said when GREAT present in the studio, West Jakarta, Friday (3/2) then.

Not because the bus does not pass through Valentine's Day with his girlfriend, Ayu is regrettable he can not celebrate the day with her ​​lover jadiannya. The woman who claimed to invented on February 14, this should be a moment to leave her lover for the sake of fans who have been waiting for.

"Ah but that day so I February 14," he continued.

But one thing that makes Ayu is a sense of relief on her lover busy. Although it must often be left here and there, but still advised her lover and still give him a chance to continue a career. This is what would make Ayu salute.

"he's really understanding," he concluded

Of Solar Storms

Storm the sun is the center conducted a routine cycle of the galaxy, the Milky Way, Solar System. The storm surge occurs when the sun was beyond the orbit of elektromagnetiknya activity that characterized the boom-boom.

According to the Bandung Institute of Technology astronomy professor Herdiwijaya Dhani, the explosion of the sun can be seen from Earth through the indication of sunspots on the sun's surface. The dots represent the surface of the sun that burns due to explosions happening. "As short-circuit or short circuit connection," he said when contacted Wednesday, January 25, 2012.

Short circuit in the center of the solar system with just a misunderstanding, of course, different lights. "Energy is emitted immense," Dhani view. The energy in this waveform penetrates the multiple planetary flow. From closest to the sun, Mercury and Venus and Earth to finish energinya.

Along the way, this wave is followed by corona mass ejection, which is launching the mass of the solar corona, mostly protons, with high speed. Because it contains high-speed protons, Dhani speak, the wave can damage what dilewatinya, including satellite communications for global positioning system (GPS).

"The higher the position of the satellite, the biggest risk to the influence of the wave," says Dhani. Similarly, the debris can also change the position of corona mass ejection due to chance. On January 23 is not the Sun yesterday storm event, especially to Indonesia, also feel the impact.

But remember Dhani likely peak next year's storm cycle of the sun. "That is, the frequency of the most explosive because the sun has also been improved," he said. The impact of the storm the sun in 2013 could feel at the peak of the cycle or after a storm. "It usually occurs at the beginning of the semester or quarter in the first place," he said.

Tips Guestbook tucked next to the blog

For you are like, with blogwalking definitely excited about the blog if you go to have a shout box / chat mix or guest book. Here you can leave a trail of links blog / website and also your message to the owner of the blog.

By utilizing the space we can create a widget tucked beside the guest book. So in short you can save space in your blog. Well how about I create a guest book tucked next to the blog?. yuk tutorial let's create together.

The first step you should do is you have to have the shoutbox code to your guestbook. previous shoutbox dafar free preview of my recommendations and also how to make a shoutbox.

If you already have a problem in the use ga wrote.

A. Login to your blogger dashboard.
2. CLICK Design / Layout Getget --- Added --- HTML / JavaScript +.
3. Copy-Paste the Code in the box "Highlight All" button below and copy the notepad:
4. before you Post on your blog Find a word or a sentence like this "

Paste CODE guestbook here

  and replace with the code of your guestbook

Top 5 Predictions 2012 in Internet

Several assumptions that are currently growing these days about the future of affiliate market through the Internet in 2012. There is much debate about the issue that how the industry will face challenges that are expected during the coming year including the Amazon and the weak performance of the sales tax attack. Industry needs to find ways to generate traffic or visitors to their affiliate site with a variety of ways. Here are the top five predictions about affiliate internet market for the year 2012:

A. Google Panda:

There may not be anyone who is not aware of the fact that Google has been pushing affiliate spam sites with additional updates from the top search results page. There is more hope than Google for the coming year as well. If you are an owner in a spam site like this then it is better to create better content for the coming year.

2. Social Media:

Type of recommendation and sharing that happens on social networking sites will become part of any other site in the coming year as well. It is hoped that it might be difficult for affiliate sites to monetize their accounts at the big name sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is also believed that Facebook users will see more in the coming year that will even reach 1 billion .... a figure which is fantastic whether fecebook will become number one we see the developments taking place

3. Online Poker:

The absence of regulations governing online poker in the United States will continue to cast uncertainty over the online poker industry during 2012 as well. While some clear guidelines about gambling online would make sense for the country but it is expected that this may not be carried out in 2012.

4. HP:

People find it more convenient to buy items online. It develops the need for affiliates to embrace mobile phones during 2012. More and more consumers shopping via their mobile phones in the last shopping season, then this number is expected to grow further in coming years as well. All of this is due to the advent of advanced technologies in the most advanced phones. It is also a fact that the new internet on your computer does not exist anymore and the content has shifted to smart phones and tablet device. Search has been the experience is completely different to the consumer because of innovations such as Siri, back-end and interface changes that occur at the site provider site today

5. Affiliate market growth:

Forrester, is a market research firm has predicted that retailers are expected to spend about $ 4 billion to the affiliate market in the coming year. Fixed percentage of 16 per year.

And also the emergence of innovations in online technology and the ways through which we can consume, are involved or found can be quite a challenge to compete with. It is better to anticipate your own place in the digital world in accordance with future trends. The idea of ​​the coming years is that the everyday objects we will also get equipped with the internet that contain electronics that will give rise to further applications. The coming year is certainly going to make you hear more about it.

Daniel K. Lebrun is of SelfTestEngine, he has been blogging from the last 3 years, He is a Professional Content Writers and SEO guru, he is full of treasures of experience, and degree even more, today he is busy in the 642-133 Certification. He gets pleasure from blogging ....
for all end I congratulated Ria blogging in a safe manner

How to Put Flash in Blog

To install the flash into a blog is easy enough. All you need is a flash file which is usually air-extension. Swf files are then uploaded to the hosting. eg at or 000webhost hosting other places. Flash animation files that can be used as decoration on the blog or can also be decorated in the header to make the blog more animatif. To install the flash on the blog do the following:1. Login to blogger then go to "Layout".
2. Then click the link "Add a gadget" which will be placed flash animation.
3. Select "HTML / Javascript" and then put the following script:

<embed src="" quality="high" bgcolor="white" width="500" height="100" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=" P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash"></embed>

 example :

  • change  "" dengan alamat file flash kamu yang telah ditaruh di hosting.
  •  change  width="500" height="100 dengan ukuran dari file flashmu.